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Power in Patience

They say patience is a virtue, and virtue is grace. It is definitely one of the more difficult behaviors to develop and sustain, yet it is also once mastered can lead to peace of mind and heart, equanimity and sense of contentment. So considering the rewards it is worth the effort of learning and practicing

How does one cultivate patience? Is it just a frame of mind, a conscious choice to practice? Or are there specific behaviors that one can introduce into everyday life?

Patience comes in many forms and practices, but essentially it is the ability of a person to accept and tolerate suffering or delays without demonstrating frustration, anger or anxiety.

The seemingly simplest situation is one where you apply it to a period of waiting that has a predefined time limit, such as waiting in line for something or waiting to be served. Knowing that there’s an end and you can walk away from the situation having received the reward makes it easier to accept the wait for most people.

Learning to wait with patience

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